Seminare und Vorträge bei HOFFMANN EITLE
Seminars and Conferences

Our Exclusive Conference Events

At HOFFMANN EITLE, we are committed to keeping our clients and business partners up-to-date on new developments in intellectual property law. We therefore regurlarly offer seminars and conferences and invite renowned speakers and experts to attend.

Past events

UPC Masterclass (Webinar)

Our experts have been studying the design and development of the system closely from the beginning and look forward to entering a new era of patent litigation with you. In four case studies covering main practice areas of patent litigation, the new system will come to life, highlighting advantages, risks and strategic tweaks.

The timing of the individual webinars will allow for an in-depth assessment of the respective topic as well as for Q&As from your own practical background. 

Life Science IP Seminar (Webinar)

For more than two decades, HOFFMANN EITLE has organised the Life Science IP Seminar in Munich every two years. In view of the positive feedback received from last year’s online event and the uncertainty of how long this global pandemic could still linger, we will continue to offer the Life Science IP Seminar online in 2022. The seminar will deal with current topics of intellectual property protection for inventions in the field of life sciences. This seminar is considered by many to be an important opportunity to keep updated of developments and is characterised by a very high number of experts from the industry and the legal profession.

UPC Comprehensive Course (Webinar)

Getting Ready for the New European Patent System - Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court. Topics include overview and status, the Unitary Patent, the UPC, opting out as well as case examples (product, process and/or use claims).

UPC Crash Course (Webinar)

All you need to know about the Unitary Patent & the Unified Patent Court in less than 60 minutes! Topics include: status, timing, provisional application, unitary protection, unified enforcement, costs and savings, opting out, what do to by when, best practices and much more.

Comparative Patent Practice Conference (CPPC) (Webinar)

HOFFMANN EITLE has been offering comparative patent law seminars in Japan since the 1980s. At the annual Comparative Patent Practice Conference (CPPC) in Tokyo, HOFFMANN EITLE and US attorneys discuss current developments in patent law from the European and American perspectives, with comments from experts in Japan.

This event is probably unique in this form and its comparative law approach and receives the highest attention and recognition from industrial companies as well as patent attorneys and lawyers. 

Due to the current pandemic situation and the resulting travel restrictions, this will take place as a webinar this year.