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Maximilian Zangs

Dr., M.Eng. (Electrical Engineering), PgDip, German and European Patent Attorney, UPC Representative 语言 DE | EN 电子工程和数字技术团队 Encrypted E-mail to Maximilian Zangs



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Argumenta non sunt numeranda, sed ponderanda

Maximilian Zangs is a passionate engineer who is enthusiastic about technology and its progress, primarily in the field of electrical engineering. Through his father, he came into contact with the profession of patent attorney at an early age, which he also discovered for himself as a vocation. Maximilian chose the career as a patent attorney because it enabled him to combine his strong technical interest with the challenges of protecting intellectual property and managing clients' inventions. As a candidate, in preparation for the patent attorney examinations, Maximilian acquired in-depth knowledge of the proceedings before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court. He had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience regarding the granting procedure as well as to participate in opposition and appeal proceedings. Additionally, Dr. Zangs completed a two-month training period at the Patent Litigation Chamber of the Munich I District Court, where he was able to familiarize himself with infringement proceedings and judicial decision-making.

Before joining HOFFMANN EITLE, Maximilian passed his Master of electronic engineering with honours in the UK and completed his ten-year residence abroad with a doctorate in the field of control systems for rechargeable batteries in low-voltage grids. During his PhD, he worked with Scottish and Southern Energy - one of the “big six” energy suppliers in the UK - which involved him in a lively industry-related knowledge exchange. In his academic career, Maximilian participated in various conferences, published papers in journals as first and as co-author, and specialized in the field of power electronics.

Through his time abroad, Maximilian developed a natural communication with international colleagues from industry and academia. In addition to his professional activities, Maximilian enjoys traveling with family and friends and spending time in nature. He also participates in online communities, where he continues to program applications and develop technical solutions as part of various projects.

  • PhD Electronic Engineering, University of Reading (UK)
  • PG Dip Offshore Renewable Energy, University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • MEng (Hon) Electronic Engineering, University of Reading (UK)
  • German Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Representative before the Unified Patent Court
  • Further technical qualifications:
    • MathWorks certified MATLAB Professional, 1-2673488980
    • MathWorks certified MATLAB Associate, 1-2552491509
    • Converter Control Certificate, University of Colorado, H7XB8AFLFVRR
    • Converter Circuits Certificate, University of Colorado, LXRAVW7JVL5W
    • Introduction to Power Electronics Certificate, University of Colorado, 52YHBR2H2RFH
  • German Patent Attorney Bar Association
  • epi