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HOFFMANN EITLE offers its clients the expertise of over 100 national and European patent attorneys working at the interface of research, development, business and law. Understanding and meeting our clients’ specific needs is central to what we do. With our diverse range of specialities in the natural sciences and engineering, we provide our clients with expert advice across all innovative fields. Working with our international team, you can be certain that you will always be represented by highly skilled attorneys, whatever the field.


Technikbereich für Chemie bei HOFFMANN EITLE

Our in-depth understanding of your research, your products and your markets means that we are well placed to provide you with comprehensive advice on the defence of your intellectual property.

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Life Sciences and Pharma

Technikbereich für Life Science und Pharma bei HOFFMANN EITLE

Our diverse expertise in the field of life sciences and decades of experience in national and European grant, opposition and nullity proceedings give you the best prospects for your IP.

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Ausbildung zum/zur Patentanwält/in bei HOFFMANN EITLE

Professional diversity, excellent connections, and practical experience gathered from years of biochemistry research enable our international team to quickly and precisely identify your goals and how to achieve them.

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Mechanical Engineering

Technikbereich für Mechanik und Maschinenbau bei HOFFMANN EITLE

With extensive expertise and decades of experience in developing, exploiting and defending IP portfolios, our attorneys have the necessary tools to help you realise your innovative potential.

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Technikbereich für Physik bei HOFFMANN EITLE

Our experts in physics and related technologies have extensive knowledge in the development, defence and strategic use of IP portfolios, giving you a strong position in the market.

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Material Sciences

Technikbereich für Materialwissenschaften bei HOFFMANN EITLE

Modern materials are the basis for innovative products. With our expertise in the development, defense and strategic use of IP portfolios, we can reliably advise you on patent-related matters.

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Electrical Engineering and Digital Technologies

Technikbereich für Elektrotechnik und digitale Technologien bei HOFFMANN EITLE

The rapid pace of digitalisation and innovation demands foresight, precision and quick thinking in matters of patent protection. With experience and knowledge, we skillfully navigate you through the prior art.

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