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M.A. (Sciences), British and European Patent Attorney Langues EN Équipe Chimie E-mail chiffré à David Lethem

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T +44 20 7427 0200
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Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
EC4Y 8DP Londres

David Lethem has worked in the patent attorney profession for 39 years. He joined HOFFMANN EITLE in 1987 when he helped found our London Office as its first chemist. A year later he became a dual qualified Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.

David was a partner from 1994 to 2020 during which period HOFFMANN EITLE underwent a major expansion in terms of its size and number of offices. During this period, he was responsible for supervision of all paralegal work in the London Office and coordinated its GB tax affairs. He retired from the partnership in 2021 and now works as a consultant.

David is proud to have trained 5 technical assistants through to full qualification and, in this way, contributed to the firm’s growth and that of the patent profession generally. His approach to training is, together with the trainee, to subject a file to fine-tooth comb analysis to hone the key skill possessed by all truly successful patent attorneys which is the ability to identify in a morass of facts and information the key point or points on which the case can be won. It is only with experience and after handling many, many files that this becomes second nature.

As lead advocate in many hundreds of successful inter partes oral hearings before the Opposition Divisions and Appeal Boards of the EPO, he believes in over-preparation and under-pleading. The former has as its goal that no one in the hearing room should be more familiar with the critical case facts than the advocate. The latter means that the advocate’s pleadings should focus on the strengths of his/her case and the weaknesses of the adversary’s case to the exclusion of everything else. He has witnessed numerous times adversary advocates lose perfectly winnable cases because either they were unable to appropriately marshal the key facts or presented unfocussed pleadings discussing both strong and weak points with equal vigour.

Now with some spare time, David enjoys long rambles with his schnauzer, Monty, and dipping into his cellar of Burgundy wines curated over his working life

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